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About Us

Best Speaker is an All Island Inter University Public Speaking Competition organized by the Gavel Club of University of Kelaniya for the 17th year. 

Gavel Club is an affiliate to Toastmasters International USA. Best Speaker creates a platform for  undergraduates in Sri Lanka to become better public speakers, leaders and also use their communication skills for the betterment of the country.

Our Story

You know how eagles learn to fly? 

A mother eagle guides, encourages and nurtures the juvenile eagle until it is matured enough to fly independently. The juvenile Eagles don’t have practice, but they have seen elder ones do it. They know how to flap their wings but they don’t know if it will break their fall. It gives them all the courage they need.

The same way, great public speakers, in their infancy, first watch the masters perform and they aspire to be so. Then comes the stage of imitation, where they mimic the style and discover their own way to the substance underneath.

Then it’s the stage of self discovery! This is the stage where a guiding hand is needed, the stage where someone needs to push you, ever so gently, over the rock face of fear.

The fall is scary but your aspirations for greatness will help you get yourself airborne.

Let your thoughts take flight, step into the light.

You can learn to fly in the limitless sky, as long as you aspire to ascend!


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General Inquiries

Sithiji Kavishma – +94 76 801 5485

Thedini Herath – +94 77 880 5457


Madusha Bandara  – +94 71 883 9996

Jithmi Gayara – +94 77 917 7727